Brida- Book Review

I stumbled upon this read from my colleague at work when I had nothing to read and thought it was wise to dig in it and see if I had the same opinion as she did, which by the way, was not a positive one.



Title: Brida

Author: Paulo Coelho

Category: Fiction

Brida is a book based on a young lady in her early twenties, who’s on a journey to learn about magic and be able to find answers related to life’s questions, be able to travel back in the hands of time and in the future.

As she sets off , Brida meets two teachers, Magus and Wicca, who are willing to help her realize her gift and choose between the two traditions (The Tradition of the Moon and The Tradition of Sun) of magic to realize her path.

Her first encounter was with the Magus, who helps her overcome her fears by asking her to spend the night in the forest alone. What she doesn’t know though, is that the Magus is her Soulmate. This, if you ask me, was the reason why the Magus agreed to teach her.

Brida frequents a bookshop that’s believed to specialize in occult studies. She’d leaf through the books, studying the designs and symbols but never bought any because they were rather expensive for her. In one of her visits to the bookshop, Brida decides to talk to the owner of the bookshop who in turn refers her to Wicca after she told him; she had met with the Magus who taught her about the Dark Night.  The owner finds it odd for the Magus to have devoted his time teaching Brida and he can only know more about this motive through Wicca.

Wicca agrees to meet Brida and takes her in as her student. Wicca is curious to know why the Magus, who also happens to her ex-lover and fellow teacher, was interested in Brida.

Being Wicca’s student, Brida realizes her path, Tradition of The Moon, and pursues it by taking several lessons and steps which will later qualify her to be a witch, just like Wicca. Before her initiation as a witch, Brida meets with the Magus and there she sees the light on his left shoulder which, according to the magic world, is a sign that makes you realize your Soulmate.  Strange though as she saw the same light on her boyfriend’s, Lorens, shoulder.


Brida is a mystery read which includes the combination of witchcraft, religion, spirituality, magic, incarnation, search for self and Soulmate which keeps you thinking but can only get to know better and understand as you continue reading. I took a week to complete the book which can take one four days utmost. But juggling between work, assignments and reading isn’t a walk in the park!

This has got to be my first read of Paulo Coelho’s range of novels and I must admit that I want to read more of his collection. I’ve read some super reviews of his Adultery and Alchemist novels and I can’t wait to get my hands on the two before the year ends.


Thank you for stopping by. This is my first book review blog post and I’d appreciate if you leave a comment below.






5 thoughts on “Brida- Book Review”

  1. Yay! First book review is pretty awesome. You should post more reviews. I have Brida on my TBR but I have never read it. I hope to read it soon though. Another book to add to your Paulo Coelho’s collection is Eleven Minutes. I liked that one too.


    1. Aww thank you Diana. You just don’t know how motivated I feel right now. I take on your word and look forward to do more reviews. I’m definitely be adding the recommendation to my TBR as well. Love


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