Wrapping Up 2016

I know it’s been a lifetime since I wrote here.

Not that I decided not to, but at times life presents you with the unimaginable. Ever since I posted my last post, I’ve been going through a series of roller-coasters.

In as much as I’d want to say that 2016 wasn’t a very good year for me, I can’t help but thank God for every event that I had to face. I look back at it all and see a new, stronger and more fierce woman in me. Everything happens for a reason. Even though at times you wonder if it really was necessary for you to go through it all. It is well with Him.

I managed to beat my reading challenge and even had two extra books for the record…, Yay!!

I won’t share my target because from the look of things, I bet some of you can read that number in a span of a month! But well, I deserve a pat on the back for the effort and progress I’ve made in getting back on track. I’m also glad for the contacts I’ve made, new friends, the fact that I’m finally pursuing a course I dearly love and share most of my interests with, and the book clubs I’m a part of.

I’m yet to put down on paper my 2017 resolutions, but trust you me they are engraved in my heart and I just can’t wait to work towards them. What I know for sure is that this particular space of mine (blog) will be more lively as I already have drafts of the books I have been reading and will be scheduling them soon.

Whatever and however your 2016 was, I pray that 2017 will present better and positive vibes for you, happiness fulfillment and  prosperity.

And without further ado…….,


Happy Prosperous New Year



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