Birthday Post and February Wrap-Up

It’s my birthday!!

Wow. To say I’ve got it all figured out, I’d be lying. No doubt! But to set the record straight, I’ve learnt a lot this far I’ve come. I’ve had both down moments and highlights that I’ve contributed a big deal to the person I am today. But on this day, I feel that I am the real me. Not that I was pretending to be someone else, but the fact that I stand by what I know sits well with me is more than contentment for me.

I came across this quote on twitter and decided to take it as my mantra for my 27th year (damn still can’t believe I’m this young):

I’m practicing non- attachment.

Accepting what comes and allowing it to leave when it’s time.

What’s for me will be for me effortlessly. 

This quote sums up what I would have used 1000 words to say with just three powerful sentences. Three!

I’d like to list what I appreciate and and what I wish to achieve in the next 12 months. And now in no particular order;

  • Family- I know we have our downtime moments but my parents and siblings will always have that place in my heart. We always learn from our flaws.
  • Love- Super grateful to be sharing my life’s tidbits with someone who holds my best interests at heart.  Our 2016 was peppered with sadness following his accident but thank heavens he’s better and even resumed work.
  • Career- After a long sabbatical break I made my way back to school. Words will never measure up to express my deepest profound gratitude to the Almighty for enabling me make progress with this area of my life. I hope to not only make it through till the end, but to do it excellently. I was thrilled with my last semesters result and I hope to keep the momentum throughout the subsequent semesters. Additionally, I’m not wasting anytime going after opportunities for my career growth. I want to work myself up to my full potential.
  • Friendships- I’m grateful to have a bunch of awesome human beings as my friends. All of them come in different packages but when I put them all together, the result is nothing short of pure bliss.
  • Blog- I plan to do more of blogging in my new year and try to revisit the books I’ve read before and failed to blog about them. I’m challenging myself to have a total of 50 blog posts by end of this year and remain consistent in the blog-sphere. I also plan to revamp the site and add some categories to it just to make it more appealing to my visitors.
  • Books- I set my Goodreads reading challenge at 40 books this year (a drop in the ocean for some of you huh). When I visit the site to update on my progress am always reminded that am 2 books behind schedule sigh. I’m determined though, to see myself beat this challenge. Besides the reading challenge, I’m also pushing myself to get more involved in events that revolve around literature, books and writing. Can’t wait to see how this goes.
  •  Decisiveness– I think a lot and sometimes this affects how I make decisions. This year I’m not asking to think less but rather to be more decisive. This means having sharper discernment and a clear focus on what is needed in each scenario.

These are the books that made to my reading shelf this month:

The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John

The Story of L by Debra Hyde ( I don’t see myself revisiting this book to complete reading it. I thought I’d try reading from the LGBT category but as it turns out, I’m not at ease reading from it. No hard feelings though)

Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham Clinton ( I just started reading this memoir and am already intrigued with it. We’ll be discussing it tomorrow in my book club)

So what are you reading or rather what have you read this month?

For everyone who’s had their birthday this month, I hope it all went well. I started celebrating mine on 23rd when my colleagues at campus surprised me with a birthday cake after class. My mother comes back home today after being admitted at the hospital this entire week, and I couldn’t wish for anything more. It’s definitely a happy one for me!

Signing off……….., L


4 thoughts on “Birthday Post and February Wrap-Up”

  1. Happy Birthday!! I hope it was a wonderful one. Those are great quotes. The last one is something my mom always tells me, especially when I go for job interviews.
    I also hope your significant other is doing well and your mom.
    As for what I’m reading, I’m stuck in fantasy and am making my way through the Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold.


  2. Happy birthday Linda. I can see that your year has started out well and I pray that it will just keep getting better. Sorry to hear about your partner and also mom but I am glad that they are getting better.

    Have a wonderful year ahead and all the best in reaching your goals. Cheers!


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