E-Book Review: 14 by Nanya Kooper



You are always a reminder

Practice has nothing on perfection 

Complexity is the slave of simplicity

Darkness is dead where the light resides

I am the former you are the latter

I blend with you

Such a blessing

Our love

Pre-existing before gods became relevant

Reaching a conclusion, we are the lucky ones


Author: Nanya Kooper

Title: 14

Genre: Poetry/ Romance 

I got this book from my Twitter book club, Reading Club, for last week’s read.

14 is a poetry book compiled of love notes alongside fascinating photos etched after each poem which got me drooling page after page.

The title 14 is derived from the fact that Nanya came up with 14 poems to compile this amazing short, straight forward read.

If there’s one thing I distaste for my literature class is the poetry bit of it. I guess it’s because that most of the poems are just either hard to understand and articulate or just plainly boring. This always has me thinking keenly whenever I come across a poetry text. But this one right here beats that ideology I have for poetry.

I love the diction and the style the poet chose in writing the book which makes it an even more interesting read. I would have shared all the poems but I loved the one I’ve used as my excerpt and this other one;

My Alternative

They prefer roses to tulips

Family to friends

The sun to the rain

The gain to the pain

Power to fame


I prefer you to everything else

…, and to top it up, the world’s most admired couple Barack and Michelle Obama’s photo graced the ending of this poem. How romantic right?

img_20170313_213240_187.jpgI was so stunned to come across their photo I got myself awww’ing (if there exists such a word) when looking at it all while you’d think I’m seeing their photo together for the first time. Whatever they did to me with their perfectly romance balance, I love it!

This book is still new and not even listed in Goodreads. I had to add it manually lol. I hope though it will be added and more people get to read it. What I’ve not said though, is that the poet is also a member of the book club. Yep! So guys please make sure you get to read it at some point, and recommend it to all the hopeless romantics around you.

You can reach Nanya Kooper directly on twitter, @thenanyakooper, or via email nanyakooper@yahoo.com

This is one of the many poetry books we’ve had as week’s reads in the book club and I look forward to share details of all the others with you.

So what poetry work/ book are you down to?


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