First Blogversary and March Wrap- Up

On Sunday my blog turned ONE! YAY!

I should have put up something then but hey, I get to choose when I want to post and when I find it suitable to do so. Lol

Lies! I got the notification much later when I’d already published my last post.

It feels so great to learn that even though I’m making baby steps, there’s still some progress that’s registered in this safe space of mine.

When I started this blog I was so clueless on what I wanted to share. But once I posted up my 1st post, I resorted to be blogging about books. Maybe that’s what I’ll keep on doing I don’t know. I’m saying ‘maybe’ because I’m also still learning.  Along the way, I may venture into something different but for now, I’m glad and content with what I share in the blog-sphere.

At times when reading through people posts I wonder why I shouldn’t do things the way they are doing. It got to a point where I was once frustrated because I felt I’m not blogging the way it’s expected of me. But when I re-visit my intentions of blogging, when I decided to take this bold step, I come down to the fact that, I started this to learn and also for fun. I wanted to improve in so much that I had initially felt I was doing wrong; reading and writing. My greatest conviction is knowing that I’m having fun and loving what I’m currently doing. And that’s enough. Should I decide to do things differently, it will have to be because I’m comfortable doing them. We tend to please those around us forgetting that we need to pat ourselves once in a while. It all starts with an individual. Always!

Anyhu, being my anniversary;

  • I’d like to send a big shout-out to all those that follow me, you guys give me a reason to look forward to when I sit down trying to put together a post.
  • Those that take time to read through my reviews, like and comment.
  • Those that share (you literally make my day) and…,
  • Most especially to my home girl whom were it not for the blog -sphere, I definitely would have never met (or maybe I would because we share a mutual friend?) Miss Diana. Even when I felt I hadn’t written a good review, I remember she was the first person, and probably the only one,  to comment on my first ever post, Brida and her complement made me want to blog and read more. Here I am today. Thank you for being a great cheerleader.

I can go on and on about this but seriously thank you guys! Upwards and forward together.

Being the last day of March, (damn do you realize that days are flowing by so fast? No? Okay) I decided to pair the anniversary post with this month’s wrap-up and reflect on what made to my reading shelf;

14 by Nanya Kooper

On Black Sisters’ Street by Chika Unigwe

Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire (Post will feature in my next weekend’s poetry text) 

Different Colours by Nga’ang’a Mbugua ( Review will be up soon) 

Collective Amnesia by Koleka Putuma 

Choose Yourself by James Altucher (Current read) 

Clearly, I’ve read more than blogged. Sigh. This needs to change.

In April, I may read less following a lot of activities that have been scheduled to take place at work, term papers and also owing to the fact that the semester is coming to an end meaning, sitting for the semesters final exams. I’m already worn out just thinking about it. But maybe I should post the reviews of the books I’ve read during this month. Hmmm sounds like a plan.

So what have you read this month?



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