Fascinated with everything that involves Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, Human Rights and International Relations but more so I tend to think of myself as a fierce revolutionary FEMINIST. I used to read books but along the way I lost my track and that’s why I decided to open up a blog that will aid me get back to reading.

Why Books Fusion? Well I named my blog Books Fusion because it’s a blend of everything literally. From African Literature, to New York Best Selling (why is it that novels from the US always have this tag line?), YA, thrillers and poetry. But to the set the record straight, African Literature is my forte and that’s why the no. of African Books outnumbers any other in this safe space of mine.

Away from books, I love travelling (I just need to work on the relationship I have with my bank AC), meeting awesomely fun people, am a big fun of art, contemporary fine art, Kenya in particular and bumping my head to some nice music. Every genre of music works with me.  In another life I would still be a feminist working to ensure that the women in our societies are respected and appreciated.

Am interested in everything fun and motivating



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