Book Review: Under The Udala Trees

If you set off on a witch- hunt, you will find a witch. When you find her, she will be dressed like any other person.


Book Review: London Cape Town Joburg by Zukiswa Wanner

I want Martin to think of the man who raised him when he sees it. To question the real meaning of what a father is. Not someone who donated a sperm to your being, but someone who was there for you as you grew up, who loved and protected you.

Book Review: Born on a Tuesday by Elnathan John

The mind is a crazy thing. The things you want to keep forever fade away and the things you want to fade away stick like cashew stains on clothes

Book Review: The Madams by Zukiswa Wanner

I was trying to adjust to madamhood, but there were still a few kinks to be sorted. Sure the house was spotless. But she had messed up my walk-in closet with her colour-coded tidying;